Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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Please join us for Casey's First birthday!
Please rsvp so we know how much food to get!
About Caey's Party
Please help us celebrate Casey's 1st birthday! We will be providing a lunch and birthday cake of course as well as having a tour of Angel's Gate for anyone who hasn't yet had the chance of seeing what we have to offer here. We are also raising funds in honor of Casey's birthday to put towards new carts she needs for walking as she continues to grow. She will need several over the next couple years as she grows, however each time she out grows one it will be donated to another dog in need! Please help us celebrate!
Casey's Story

Casey's Carts was started to help Casey, a St. Bernard puppy who was born septic - she is paralyzed from the middle of her spine and does not have the use of her hind legs. But don't tell Casey that! Casey is a loving, smart, playful and patient young dog. She is wise beyond her years. I (Marina, of Casey's Carts) met Casey when she was about 16 weeks old and was there the first time Susan put her into her first baby cart. But since Casey was so young and will grow to be such a big dog - female St. Bernard's can get up to 165 lbs or so - we knew Casey will need lots of carts during her growing up years.

Casey's Carts was started to help offset the cost of carts and allow Casey to have the tools she needs to grow. The carts Casey uses can be used by others who have special needs, so when Casey outgrows her cart it will not be discarded but used again and again. The carts are very well made and do not really 'wear out' so that the money spent buying them goes along way in helping not only Casey but her smaller friends too. You can see Casey at Eddie's Wheels trying out the first cart we got her on right. Now Casey is ready for the next size up! We also bought her a therapy stand which of course can be used by all, but specifically for Casey, is invaluable in helping her 'stand up straight' and allows her to align herself properly. Eddie's Wheels designed it specially for Angel's Gate and Casey. Casey will grow quite a bit in her second year and will need more than one cart, so we have a goal of raising $2500 for her on her first birthday. The bigger the dog the more expensive the cart, but without her cart, Casey would not be able to walk. With her cart Casey is unstoppable. She even tries to go swimming in the pond at Angel's Gate......someone maybe should tell her she can't but then Casey would probably smile and start swimming laps!

The long term goal for Casey's Carts is to help other special needs dogs with carts. Casey will be the poster child for them and she is proof positive that having less than 4 legs to stand on doesn't make a bit of difference! Your donations to Casey for her birthday will help so many and we hope that Casey's Carts will be a supportive resource to many. To follow Casey, follow Casey's Carts on Facebook here!


Click here to make a birthday donation for Casey!
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Casey's first steps in her first cart!
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