Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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Top 200 Winner in Chase Community Giveaway


Chase Community Giving - 5 Million Dollars, 200 charities, 2.5 million thank-yous. From June 15th to July 12th the power of giving was in the hands of the community. Everyone was asked to vote for their favorite charities where the winners would receive donations from Chase Community Giving. The top charity receiving, $250K, 4 runners-up each receiving $100K, and 195 others $20K each!

Thanks to our outstanding fan base, friends, and family Angel's Gate placed at #171 in the top 200 charities taking home $20K!

A HUGE sincere thank you to all of our facebook fans, friends, and family who
tirelessly voted and reposted for us until the very last minute. Every vote
counted and it really paid off! We are very lucky to have such loyal fans for
these animals and the work we do. Thank you again!

special thanks

It just goes to show you what can happen when people come together and each one does a little part. Alone you can do nothing but by joining together we moved a big mountain. I am so very grateful to everyone who participated. Support came from around the globe. I am so grateful to the Lisa Brown who started this and cast the first vote. I am extremely thankful to Susan Olmstead Esposito who emailed me to let me know about the contest. (who knew???) Thank you to my children who taught me about facebook. I am grateful to Tim V. and all the folks at Pet Haven in Australia, (they were voting while we were sleeping!) and Marina who was getting votes from France and Spain. And I am so thankful to all those who took the time and had the patience to vote and share with friends. And most of all to Christiana, our friend and web master who put this all together and was with Angel's Gate from beginning till the end. NAMASTE!
Susan Marino
Angel’s Gate
Top 200 Winner in Chase Community Giveaway
Top 200 Winner in Chase Community Giveaway
Top 200 Winner in Chase Community Giveaway
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