Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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Animal Services


Labrador Retiever Rescue of Cincinnati
Roncy 513-543-3000 |

Lake Erie Lab Rescue [Sarah, Ed, Jill]
Sarah 330-725-1393

419-885-2471 |

724-654-0010 |

Lab Rescue of Central Ohio
Jennifer 740-828-2657 |

419-351-4996 |

Golden Retriever Rescues [April and Sandy ]
Golden Treasures
April 440-238-2457 |

330-659-2202 |

Golden Retrievers In Need [GRIN]
216-556-4746 |

Golden Endings
Ralph 740-363-3989 |

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Non-Profit Financial Assistance
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program
Angels 4 Animals
American Animal Hospital Association Foundation
The Pet Fund
NY Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency
In Memory of Magic
United Animal Nations Life Line
Help a Pet
Our Mission:To bring those with the power of conscience and heart to serve their fellow beings.

The Giving Gallery
The GIVING GALLERY is an online gallery uniting artists and those who would like to make a difference in the world through art. 50% of all proceeds will be directly donated to a variety of causes to help aid in global efforts, as well as help raise awareness for and sustain open art studios in the community.
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