Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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Martha Stewart Show


Susan, Victor and Sampson appeared on the Martha Stewart Show. They had a wonderful time and Sampson most of all. He charmed everyone including Martha and Gloria Estefan. He introduced himself to Ms Estefan by running into her "Green Room" and pooping on the carpet. She was a great sport about it and got down on her knees to help with the clean up. She said she is used to it as she has a few "Bullies", Bull Dogs, who she adores.

Martha was very cordial and caring. It is amazing to see how they put the show together. There is an army of assistants with Martha, the general always in charge. She is remarkable!

We hope that the message got out that handicapped, ill and old animals are still of value and many can also give a lot back a lot to their human care givers.

This is how it came to be: Tim Eisemann one of our young volunteers (see the Duckling Project) had nominated Susan and Victor to be honored by the Doris Day Animal Foundation. As a result they were given the Kindred Spirit Award. At the same time, Martha Stewart decided to do a show featuring people who were doing special things for animals. As part of her research Barbara F., who produces the show looked on the internet to see who had won any honors for their work with animals and she found out about the Kindred Spirit Award. On her desk, lying in a stack of books she saw a copy of Getting Lucky which was sent to her by the publisher. It seemed to her that all this was too much "coincidence " to ignore. She visited Angel's Gate and fell in love with the place and recommended it to Martha who whole heartedly agreed to include Angel's Gate and Sampson in the show. On September 17th they filmed extensively at Angel's Gate. Martha was not here.

Martha Stewart Show
Angels Gate on The Martha Stewart Show
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