Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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An Angels Gate Must Read- Getting Lucky

Must Read
  Getting Lucky
Getting Lucky Getting Lucky is the story of how one special dog found love and a
second chance at Angel's Gate.

Getting Lucky truly a labor of love is a wonderful, beautifully illustrated, hard cover book people will want for themselves and as gifts for family and friends. Getting Lucky captures life at Angel's Gate through the wonderful stories of the special needs animals who come, to live with dignity and love and often with gusto! Be prepared to laugh, cry and be in wonder at the beauty of life embodied in the magnificent animals with whom we share our lives.

You can order Getting Lucky on the web through or contact Susan Marino directly for an autographed copy. Her address is

"Getting Lucky," Susan's heart-warming book about founding and running the nation's first animal hospice, is being retired. You can receive one of the final signed copies by sending in a check for $20 to Susan Marino. Click here to email Susan and request your copy.

  Elouise The Extra Special Pig
ELOUISE THE EXTRA SPECIAL PIG Story and pictures by, Tanja Hudson
Available for purchase here.

One of life's main passions for artist and author, Tanja Hudson, has been the many animals that have come into her life. She has rescued countless and currently has given her home to at least 25 pets. They range from Pot-Bellied Pigs to Donkeys, Parrots, Dogs, Cats, Bunnies and Fish. All have a special place in her heart and have inspired her with their unique personalities which have become the basis of this story.

This passion has been shared with her love of creating images. She began painting and drawing at a young age and then received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Michigan. Tanja is currently pursuing her photography career along with Hair and Makeup artistry within the New York City area.

Tanja hopes to inspire children to learn to connect with the animals that come into their lives, to always have the compassion for their well being, and to help animals that are in need of a voice.

  The Tail of Rugby Jones: A Rascal's Journey from Disability to Ability
Tail of Rugby Jones It is available in hard cover, paperback and audio. In addition, available in about one week is the stuffed Rugby Jones dog with or without his beloved wheelchair "Zoomie."

An uncommon dog. A determined owner. And their shared belief in possibility.

Rugby Jones had it all. Top dog on a beautiful horse farm in Pennsylvania, keeping the other dogs and cat in line, helping his human mom Claudia with the horses - rascally Rugby lived the perfect "dog's life." Until that tragic day when another dog injured him beyond repair. Rugby Jones was paralyzed, his lower back ruined: put him out of his misery, everyone said. But Claudia refused to accept common wisdom. She knew that Rugby Jones had the will and courage to overcome. If they both worked hard together - the way they always did - Claudia and Rugby would find a way for him to walk again. Written in Rugby Jones' lovably cocky young voice, The Tail Of Rugby Jones will captivate children and adults alike with its message of:
  • hope in a hopeless circumstance
  • courage to be different in a "let's be alike" world
  • determination to take the "dis" out of disability
  • unexpected trust that comes from unconditional love
When Pets Come Between Partners
Another of Dr. Gold's books is Dogs in a Psychologist's Office
When Pets Come Between Partners
Dr Joel Gavriele-Gold's
When Pets Come Between Partners: How to keep Love - and Romance - in the Human/Animal Kingdom of Your Home

The book explains in layman's language how conflicts over pets are often signs of deeper conflicts between couples, and shows you how you can get to the root of these conflicts, bring them into the open and resolve them. Dr Gavriele-Gold is a psychologist and psychoanalyst who's been helping resolve pet/partner issues for many years.

Pets can be idyllic family members, providing unconditional love while asking only for basic care in return. But as true family members, feelings of jealousy, anger, control, guilt and fear can all play themselves out through them. Filled with true-life cases, his book revels how pets can act as foils for repressed feelings tangled up in complicated issues. Dr. Gavriele-Gold shows how you can get at the root of these conflicts, bring them out into the open, and resolve them - without having to give up the pet or the partner. view website

Smart. Highly readable. Expert advice.
This is the book for all pet lovers and the other people in their lives.

The Holistic Dog Book The Holistic Dog Book
THE HOLISTIC DOG BOOK by columnist Denise Flaim addresses your whole dog and the ways you can bring a more natural approach to your dog’s care. Whether you’re interested in essential oils, homeopathy, natural diets, herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage or emotionally satisfying training, you’ll find what you need to make well-informed decisions about what’s right for the both of you.
four Paws Five Directions Four Paws Five Directions
Four Paws Five Directions by Cheryl Schwartz DVM. A guide to Chinese medicine. Presents Traditional Chinese Medicine for cats and dogs in a clear, easy to understand language. Has assessment worksheets, diagnosis charts and photographs to assist you in making treatment decisions. Starting with the head and working toward the toes, it addresses a host common health problems (that may also correct behavioral issues). Use it as an adjunct to Western medicine or by itself to help bring your animal friend's body into balance through a treatment-and-prevention approach that can save both of you from undue stress. 412 pages, paperback, color plates, black and white illustrations.
The Nature of Animal Healing The Nature of Animal Healing
The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein DVM One of America's most renowned holistic veterinarians explains exactly what holistic medicine is and how it works. By treating the root of a health problem instead of its symptoms, you too can help your animal to regain and maintain its own health, as nature intended. Dr. Goldstein also shares many remarkable true stories of supposedly terminally ill animals who have recovered to full wellness. Dr. Goldstein begins with a broad explanation of the origins of diseases in pets, then moves on to taking action against those diseases.

Book of Wellness Wellness and Preventive Care
The Angel Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs by Darlene Arden. The medical profession has long recognized that implementing a wellness program of preventive health care helps humans lead healthier, longer lives. Now the veterinary community has recognized the same benefits for our dogs. There's no question that our dogs provide us with unconditional love. They serve many roles: companions, service and therapy pets, members of the family. They help lower our blood pressure and keep us on an even keel. There's no doubt that keeping them healthy will help them live longer and happier lives, and the key to successful and cost-effective pet care is to protect pets against infectious diseases and other avoidable maladies before they occur. A portion of Darlene's proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to the MSPCA's Pet Care Assistance Fund
Dogs On The Couch/ Cats On The Counter / Birds Off The Perch
DOGS ON THE COUCH / CATS ON THE COUNTER / BIRDS OFF THE PERCH Dr. Larry Lachman uses the tools of Family Systems Therapy and Behavior Therapy to analyze and treat problems that have eluded owners using traditional training methods.

Dr. Larry's Trilogy
Parallel Journeys
Parallel Journeys A Spirited Approach to Coping and Living With Cancer
by Larry Lachman with Ric Masten
Your Aging Dog/ Your Aging Cat
Your Aging Dog / Your Aging Cat Amy D. Shojai a nationally known authority on pet care and behavior tells us how to provide complete care for mature dogs and cats.

Amy Shojai's Books

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