Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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  As a Sponsor you will get email updates & photos via email of your animal!
Guardian Angel  Sponsorship Program
If you would like to contribute to the care of specific animals at Angel's Gate, join our sponsorship program. On this page we have posted photos of some of our animals along with information about their special needs and individual challenges.

After you select the animal(s) you wish to sponsor, send an email to Write "Sponsor" in the subject window and tell her which animal you will support. Then tell her whether you will be sending a check each month and the amount or if you will be making automatic donations using your credit card via PayPal. As a Sponsor we will send you updates and photos via email of your animal upon request. We suggest sponsorship amounts begin at $25 per month.
Dillon now 16 weeks old, came to us as a bonus. Like the saying goes "When you buy a dozen you get the 13th free", well when we picked up our 12 Alabama Chihuahua’s we got Dillon! He is a pure bred Great Pyrenees from Tuscumbia, Alabama. Ironically that is the birthplace of Helen Keller, and like Helen Keller, Dillon is both blind and deaf.
Allie was a young puppy when she came to Angel’s Gate from Ohio. She has cerebral palsy and now needs to be spayed.
Penny is a Puggle who was dropped on her head a a puppy and sustained brain damage. She is not able to walk in a straight line but actually "tacks" like a sail boat to get to her destination. She props herself up against objetcs for stability . However, she runs in a beeline especially when treats are the goal.
Pricilla is a victim of "Shaken Puppy Syndrome." Barely surviving terrible abuse she was taken to a vet and eventually to Angel's Gate. She is mostly unable to walk without assistance but has a commanding presence among her peers.
Babbette is one of several diabetic cats who requires twice daily injections of insulin. Her blood glucose is monitored regularly as well. Often diabetic cats develop related health problems including blindness. On the brighter side we have discovered that our raw meat diet often diminishes the amount of insulin needed and in many cases insulin injections may no longer be necessary.
Charlie, a partially paralyzed Shi-Tzu is Mr. Personality.
Scooter is an English Bull Dog puppy from Seattle
Washington, with spina bifida. He needs a neuro consult and surgery to repair a "cherry eye".
  Mango TangoMango Tango:
Born with spina bifida, Mango Tango has no tail. Fortunately he is not paralyzed rather he hops like a bunny. Sweet and playful he lets nothing slow him down ....except a nap one in a while.
Gus GusGus Gus:
Gus Gus formally Mini-Doxie is our rock hunter and forever puppy.
We always have baby squirrels that have been found abandoned, mothers killed, or have fallen out of trees.

Giget is a Katrina survivor. She's our high hurtles diva.

Each year many elementary school classrooms hatch eggs to teach children about life. But once grown there is no place for the ducks to go.

What mixed messages kids get about the value of life with such experiences.
Mimi is an 8 year old Miniature Horse, the type that was used in the coal mines of Whales. She is permanently lame and has difficulty walking.

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