Angel's Gate is a residential non profit home for special needs animals whom are terminally or critically ill or physically challenged and come to live out their days in peace, dignity, and love.
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The Angels Please help if you can
Currently, Angel's Gate is caring for nearly 300 companion animals and 100 farm animals and wildlife.
A few of our Angel's are below.
Dillon is now 1 years old and 125lbs and growing! He came to us as a bonus. Like the saying goes "When you buy a dozen you get the 13th free", well when we picked up our 12 Alabama Chihuahuaís we got Dillon! He is a pure bred Great Pyrenees from Tuscumbia, Alabama. Ironically that is the birthplace of Helen Keller, and like Helen Keller, Dillon is both blind and deaf.
Zeus was rescued by a woman in North Carolina in 2000. His back was broken when he was hit by a car and left paralyzed. Shortly after Zeus was rescued she became ill. She desperately needed to find a loving home for Zeus. In the spring of 2001 she drove Zeus to Angel's Gate where she could see that he immediately became part of our family.†She returned to North Carolina and made her own funeral arrangements and died shortly thereafter. We know Zeus has his personal Guardian Angel.
Winston and ToddWinston:
Winston is one of six Labs that came to us in March of 2008 from LI Lab Rescue when the organization founder died. Winston is one of the most beloved dogs. He loves humans and his toys. He exudes joy where ever he goes. Todd (Susan's son) is surely one of Winston's favorites.
Lucy came to Angel's Gate when she was 6 months old. Lucy has diabetes. It is very unusual for a dog this age to have diabetes and we are working with an internal medicine specialist to regulate her blood sugars and to access if there are other underlying issues. In spite of problems Lucy is one of the happiest and spunkiest dog here at Angel's Gate.
Sydney is a Lab with an inability to hold her urine and bowels.. Sydney is the official greeter at Angel's Gate. She needs an ongoing supply of wee-wee pads and baby wipes.
Katie was a young feral kitten who came to us (1998). She has only three feet. Against the advice of two veterinarians, who said that Katie should have her leg amputated, we left her intact. She is doing just fine and she rules our great room. She is very feisty but can be loving and affectionate, too. Best of all she doesn't seem to know she has a handicap.
Tucker was born with hydrocephalus (water on the brain). He has been shunted twice but his body has rejected the shunt and it had to be removed. In spite of his severe handicap Tucker can eat by himself and plays with toys. He is very responsive to Susan and knows his name. We are most grateful to Dr. Kara Sessums, his neurologist at VERG in Brooklyn.
Chase with torn Achilles tendons walks on all fours!
MiMi Came from a family who could not care for her when she became paralyzed. She is one ball of fire and is interested in everything that is going on. She always has an opinion about it too!
Maxine came from ACC NY and is a teen aged toothless Chihuahua. Maxine was found abandoned in a shopping cart in the parking lot at Kmart.
Christmas JoyChristmas Joy:
Rescued hours before she was to be killed at a shelter because she was miss-diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and deemed "unadoptable " she was admitted to Angel's Gate during the Christmas holidays. She is a highly intelligent, affectionate, obedient dog and a true joy to have in our animal family.
After fracturing both front limbs Dr Puritz sent Rudy to us. We were able to have an orthopedist pin and plate his left leg but the right leg already had osteoporosis. In December 2010 Rudy had the pin and plate removed at VERG in Brooklyn and we are looking into possibly doing a bone graft on his now deformed right limb.†
Little RedLittle Red:
These are two of the 24 cats with FIV (Feline Aids Positive) who share a lovely room at Angel's Gate. We are one of the few safe havens for cats with FIV and FELV (Feline Leukemia) on in the tri-state area.
Sampson came from a breeder. He is a dwarf Boxer. His condition is extremely rare is his breed. Sampson is one of our working dogs; he is an educator in our Reverence for All Life program, going into the classroom to educate children and to tabling events around the country. He is one of the most beloved and joyful dogs at Angel's Gate and was a favorite of the produces at OPRAH and Martha Stewart.
Daisey MaeDaisey Mae
Daisey Mae was 12 when she came to us in 2007.  She had several large tumors that were removed and it was determined that she had cancer. Now 16 we are monitoring her closely and know that every day she is with us is a blessing. She needs our assistance in her daily activities and she still love to eat!
Logan came from a rescue group in Feb 2009. He is neurological and walks in circles. With extensive physical therapy his circles have gotten much bigger and he is responsive to his name and is able at times to walk a straight line for short distances. Logan works in our Reverence for All life program going with Susan into classrooms to educate students.
Bootsie came from a rescue group. She was born without distal hind limbs. She was evaluated at NC State and was fitted with orthotics. She has now out grown them and they will need to be replaced - it will cost about $2500. She does manage to get around but over time that will take a toll on her back. She is also being evaluated for permanent orthotics that will attach to her limbs.
Elenore came from a rescue group and is one of the most loving and affectionate cats at Angel's Gate. Elenore was born with deformities of her limbs but that does not keep a good girl down. Elenore has no clue that she is handicapped and we have no intention of telling her.
Patches, Elliott ,and MadisonPatches, Elliott, and Madison
Patches is from a puppy mill raid and came to us with two puppies in tow - Elliot and Madison. Patches has mammary cancer that has metastasized to her lungs. She is also late stage heart worm positive. Last year we thought we would loose her but then she went into heat and came back to life, so did all the males in her path. Madison and Elliot have been adopted.

Shifty loves life! In spite of his size can run like a bunny especially if a treat is at the end of the sprint. He has neurological issues and continually leaks urine. He also has petite mal seizures.
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