Physical therapy for animals includes the physical therapy examination and evidenced-based treatment for animal patients, in collaboration with the veterinarian of record and client/owner/handler, to detect, assess, prevent, correct, alleviate, or limit physical disability, movement dysfunction, or pain from injury, disease and other bodily conditions.

Potential physical therapists complete masters or doctoral degrees in physical therapy (DPT); most schools have already transitioned to DPT programs, exclusively. Graduates are required to pass state and national board exams to practice. However that just means they are legal to practice. Physical therapists have the burden of competency in their particular practice area be it geriatric, pediatric, hand-therapy, sports or animal for instance. Therefore, licensed physical therapists that provide physical therapy for animals have advanced education, training and certification in physical therapy of the veterinary patient.

Physical therapists around the world for many years have already established collegial, successful relationships with veterinarians to provide the highest quality of physical therapy services to animals with either veterinary referral or indirect veterinary case management.

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